Javascript DeObfuscator

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How to use Javascript DeObfuscator tool? 

Using a JavaScript Deobfuscator tool can be a bit more involved than using a simple beautifier or minifier tool, as it requires understanding the obfuscation techniques used in the original code. However, here's a general approach:

  1. Access the Tool: Find a JavaScript deobfuscator tool online. You may need to use a combination of tools and techniques depending on the complexity of the obfuscation.

  2. Analyze the Obfuscated Code: Before you can deobfuscate the code, you need to understand the obfuscation techniques used. This may include methods such as variable renaming, string encryption, and code splitting.

  3. Deobfuscate Manually: For simple obfuscation, you may be able to deobfuscate the code manually by renaming variables and functions to their original names and decrypting any encrypted strings.

  4. Use Automated Tools: For more complex obfuscation, you can use automated deobfuscation tools. These tools often require you to provide information about the obfuscation techniques used and may not always be successful in fully deobfuscating the code.

  5. Verify and Test: Once you have deobfuscated the code, verify that it functions as expected. Testing the deobfuscated code is important to ensure that the deobfuscation process did not introduce any bugs or errors.

It's worth noting that deobfuscating code without permission may violate the terms of service of certain websites or applications. Always ensure that you have the right to deobfuscate the code before proceeding.


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