UTM Builder

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How to use UTM Builder tool? 

To use a UTM builder tool to create UTM parameters for tracking URLs, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Tool: Find a UTM builder tool online. Many websites offer this service.

  2. Enter the URL: Paste the URL you want to track into the input box provided on the tool's website.

  3. Enter UTM Parameters: Enter the UTM parameters you want to add to the URL. The main UTM parameters are:

    • utm_source: The source of the traffic (e.g., newsletter, social media).
    • utm_medium: The medium of the traffic (e.g., email, CPC).
    • utm_campaign: The name of the campaign or promotion.
    • utm_term: The keywords related to the ad or campaign.
    • utm_content: The specific content variation (e.g., button color, ad copy).
  4. Generate the UTM URL: Click the "Generate" or "Create URL" button on the tool. The tool will then add the UTM parameters to the URL and generate a new URL with the UTM parameters appended.

  5. Copy the UTM URL: Once the UTM URL has been generated, you can copy it to use it in your marketing campaigns.

UTM parameters are used to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and traffic sources in Google Analytics or other analytics tools. Using a UTM builder tool can help you create properly formatted UTM parameters for your URLs.


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